Meg Handler, Photo Editor & Photographer

Phone: 917-353-7303


Based in Chicago. Professional Photography Editor, Researcher & Instructor with experience in diverse industries and subject matter. Highly creative and resourceful. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.



Reading The Pictures


Reading The Pictures is a progressive site dedicated to visual politics and the analysis of news images.

-Oversee the daily photo research, editing and story ideas for this online publication. Conduct original photo research for additional online programming . ReadingThePictures is the only site dedicated to the daily analysis of news photos and media images. Launched in 2004, ReadingThePictures is closely followed by the political and visual media, the photojournalism community and university visual studies and communication programs.


Senior Photo Editor

September 2015 – August 2017 

Acquire, research and edit photography for online news publication. NationSwell is a digital media company founded four years ago to fill what we saw as a void in the traditional news coverage. Too much reporting focused on the problems and challenges facing the nation without proposing alternatives, too many stories stopped short at what’s going wrong without evaluating what’s actually working and why. Our mission is to spotlight solutions to the country’s most pressing social issues, which we share with our 200,0000 Facebook followers.

Co-Curator, “Whose Streets? Our Streets! New York 1980-2000” at Bronx Documentary Center, New York.

January 2016 – March 2017

Featuring work by thirty eight independent photojournalists, this exhibit captures ordinary New Yorkers as they rallied, rioted, marched, and demonstrated. These stunning images document historic moments of violent confrontation such as the Tompkins Square Park and Crown Heights Riots and as well as organized protests involving non-violent civil disobedience and creative street theater. Collectively, these photographs, which have never before been exhibited together, chronicle New York’s history from 1980-2000. During these two decades of swift economic and demographic change, residents grappled with social issues including race relations, police brutality, housing and gentrification, AIDS and gay and lesbian rights, reproductive rights, U.S. foreign policy and military actions, art and the culture wars, environmental and animal rights issues, and education and labor relations.


May 2014 – April 2015

Co-Curator, Freelance Contractor

Edit and curate work by photographers to feature in the Exposure section of Facebook App, Paper.


September 2014-present

Community Outreach

1 in 20 is a art and social media mental health initiative. A living breathing community offering validation, support and a creative outlet for people coping with and surviving mental illness.

Photo Consultant/Researcher

-Research and produce trade books of a historical and educational nature.

-Work with photographers to advise content in regards to portfolios, websites and book projects.

Recent Research(2017):

-The Ross School, East Hampton, New York. Photo research and editing for K-12, new curriculum lesson plans.

-Whirld Production. Photo research for montage video for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.



Photo Researcher

-Procure all images for annual regional publication

Jon Lowenstein, Photographer

–Assisted in developing documentary photography projects

Grant Park Music Festival at Millennium Park

Staff Photographer

-Photograph concerts and events for the classical music series.

BIGart at Navy Pier


-BIGart at Navy Pier is an annual, free outdoor art exhibition at the Pier. For this year’s exhibition, Navy Pier is pleased to partner with the Gagosian Gallery to display the artistic talent of world-renowned artist Roy Lichtenstein. A signature Lichtenstein sculpture – Brushstroke Group – will be one of the sculptures on display. In the weeks to come, sculptures and artistic works of various sizes, designs and materials from international artists will make their way to Navy Pier and welcome visitors to Gateway Park through October. Artists include, Nancy Rubin, Steed Taylor, Anthony Caro & Gajin Fujita.

Chicago Photography Center


-History of 20th Century Photography

Polaris Images (News Photo Agency)

New York, NY


Photo Editor/Sales Representative

-Represent international and domestic news photographers and their work.

-Perform sales and research in regards to textbooks, weekly news magazines, lifestyle magazines and documentaries.

-Negotiate editorial and commercial contracts with publications and editors.

-Edit breaking news and feature stories for immediate publication.

powerHouse Books

Brooklyn, NY


Photo Editor, Staff

-Act as liaison between Publisher and authors.

-Oversee and determine value of materials submitted by photographers & book packagers.

Blender Magazine

New York, NY


Deputy Photo Editor (freelance)

-Supervise photographic components during launch and subsequent issues of music magazine.

-Calculate and implement photography budget.

-Negotiate usage of materials with photographers and agencies.

-Oversee usage of stock photography for the magazine.

-Set up production system for Art, Editorial and Production Departments.

U.S. News & World Report

Washington, D.C.


Photo Editor (freelance)

-Assign & edit photography for the Business & Technology section.

-In conjunction with Editorial, create concepts to enhance articles.

-Worked with Art & Production departments to assure the best reproduction

and use of photos in the section.

The Village Voice

New York, NY


Photo Editor

-Assign and edit photographic content in the weekly publication.

-Supervise photographic research with department staff.

-Perform duties as liaison between Art and Editorial departments.

-Negotiate contracts and usage with photographers & agencies.

-Devise and execute photography budget in judicious manner.

-Supervise more than 20 freelance photographers and staff on a daily basis.


DETROIT UNBROKEN DOWN by Dave Jordano (powerHouse Books, 2015)

WAR IS BEAUTIFUL by David Shields (powerHouse Books, Fall 2015)

MAD WORLD: An Oral History of the New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s by Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein (Abrams Image, 2014)

The Michael Jacksons by Lorena Turner (Little Moth Press, 2014)

A Flower in the Mouth: The Beauty and Burden of Carnaval in Pernambuco, Brazil by Jason Gardner (Visual Anthropology Press, 2013)

HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE: Randall’s Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals by Randall (Andrews McMeel, 2012)

Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide by Shirley Halperin & Steve Bloom

(Harry N. Abrams, 2010)

Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life by Shirley Halperin & Steve Bloom

(Abrams Image, 2008)

PAPARAZZI by Peter Howe

(Artisan Publishing, Spring 2005)


(powerHouse Books, Fall 2003)

Freelance Research & Editing:

Star Magazine

US Weekly

New York Magazine


Basic Books

Portfolio Reviewer:

Fotofest Houston

Santa Fe Photo Workshops

Rhubarb-Rhubarb (UK)

powerHouse Portfolio Review

Columbia College


Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA in Photography, 1990.


WordPress, Macintosh OS, Adobe Creative SUite, InDesign, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Lightroom.


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